Julian L. Simon

Curriculum Vitae

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Married, three children
Born February 12, 1932



Professional History

1983 - Present Professor of Business Administration, University of Maryland, College Park
1983, Fall Visiting Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation, Washington, DC
1974-1975 Visiting Professor of Business Administration, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1970-1971 Visiting Professor of Business Administration and of Demography, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
1969-1983 Professor of Economics and of Business Administration, University of Illinois
1968, Spring Visiting Senior Lecturer in Business, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1966-1969 Assistant and associate professor of marketing, University of Illinois, Urbana
1963-1966 Assistant Professor of Advertising, University of Illinois, Urbana
1961-1963 Owner, Julian Simon Associates, mail-order firm and advertising agency; occasional consultant, Joel Dean Associates, economic consultants
1959-1961 Associate director and working supervisor, Library Use Study, University of Chicago
1957-1959 Graduate student, University of Chicago
1957 Assistant promotion manager, Ziff-Davis Publishing Company,New York
1956 Advertising copywriter, William Douglas MacAdams, Inc., New York.
1953-1956 U.S. Navy line officer to Lt. (j.g.), deck and engineering duties aboard destroyer USS Samuel B. Roberts, and Naval Gunfire Liaison Officer and Battalion Legal Officer attached to Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
1949-1953 Undergraduate student, Harvard College, Navy ROTC Holloway Plan full scholarship.
During schooling worked as encyclopedia salesman, caddy, cost accountant, drugstore clerk, self-employed sign painter, brewery worker, tin-can factory worker, technical writer, free-lance magazine writer, grass-seed factory worker, and cab driver.


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To Add Later

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