Julian L. Simon: Essays

Unpublished Research Articles

"Determinants of Welfare Payment Use By Immigrants and Natives" - Select Commission on Immigration and Refugees, 1984

"Bunkrapt: False Threats About Resources and Population"

"The Black Invisible Hand: Notes on The Industrial Economics of Crime"

"The Effect of Numbers Upon Competitive Effort" (with Salim Rashid)

"Are Natural Resources an Increasing Constraint Upon Growth?"

"Invention, Duplication, and th th the Size of the Labor Force"

"A Decision-Tree Framework for Forecasting War and Peace in the Middle East" (1968)

"Unlocking The Riddle of Causality" or "On `Correlation Does Not Prove Causation' And Other Semi-Nonsense"

"The Technological Progress Function And Labor Force Size: A Model Of Invention Fit To Facts"

"The Perverseness of Hotelling's Rule"

"Reflections On Utility Functions, Time Preference, and Dynamic Programming"

"A Reconciliation of the Life-Cycle and Permanent-Income Theories"

"Auctioning Immigration Visas: Doing Well While Doing Good"

"Selling Foreigners the Right to Immigrate"

"There Is No Connection Between Trade Theory and Migration"

"A Unifying Concept To Support The Vision Of Eternal Progress"

"Are There Grounds for Regulating Immigration?"

"Whom Should You Believe About Immigration? or What Do the Real Experts Say About Immigration?"

"The Effect of the Spanish New World on the Old World; A Theoretical Framework for Assessment"

"The Effect of Immigration Upon Native Unemployment: A Formalization of Harrison's 's Analysis" (with Yew-Kwang Ng)

"Demographic Causes and Consequences of the Industrial Revolution", English version of "Cause e Conseguenze Demografiche Della Rivoluzione Industriale" in Le Rivoluzioni Del Benessere, Piero Melograni and Sergio Ricossa (eds.), (Roma-Bari: Gius. Laterza & Figli Spa, 1988), pp. 37-60.

"The Economic Effect of Russian Immigrants Upon the Veteran Israeli Population: A Cost/Benefit Analysis", English version of publication in in in Hebrew in The Economic Quarterly, 23, August, 1976, pp. 224-252 .

"Tournaments and Piece Rates: Confirming Evidence"

"Population Growth is Not Bad for Humanity"

"Why Are Biologists Usually the Most Vocal Doomsayers?"

"An Integrated Cognitive Theory of Depression" (L. Pashute)

"Tit-for-Tat Expectations in Duopoly and Triopoly Simulation"

"Duopoly and Chaos Theory: New Directions for Research and Public Policy?"

"Conquering Depression, Enjoying Life"

"Entropy and Energy Accounting: Are They Relevant Concepts?"

"A Constant Long-Run Capital/Output Ratio is Tautologous and Meaningless"

"Barber School Requirements and the Number of Barbers"

"Triopoly Versus Duopoly - A Rich Enough Simulation" (with Carlos Puig)

"The Effects of Capital Cost in Duopoly - A Simulation" (with Carlos Puig)

"Airline Service Improves Under Deregulation"

"Why Do We Hear Prophesies of Doom From Every Side?"

"Educational Trends of Immigrants Into the U.S." (with Ather Akbari)

"Trends in U.S. Airline Service"

"On the Economics of the Bell Curve"

"The Theory of the Fiscal Windfall from Immigration"

"Updating Subjective Probabilities With Simulation: From Pedagogy to Practice to to to Jeffrey's Rule to Puzzles"

"Simulation and a Problem Problem of Lewis Carroll"

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