The Philosophy and Practice of Resampling Statistics

Part III: The Natures of Simulation and Resampling

Julian L. Simon (see also vita and bio)
College of Business and Management, University of Maryland at College Park
*Chapter III-1
Introduction to the Resampling Method with Examples
*Chapter III-2
Background and Analysis of the Resampling Method
*Chapter III-3
Why the Formal Method is Usually Theoretically Inferior to Simulation and Resampling
*Chapter III-4
What "Monty Hall" Teaches About the Theory of Resampling: Some Difficult Problems, and the Computation of Sample Spaces
*Chapter III-5
Bayesian Analysis by Simulation
*Chapter III-6
Experimentation, Sample Space Analysis, Simulation, and Formulaic Theory: Their Natures and Interrelationships

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